Warbonnet introduces the updated Blackbird XLC

Like the original version, the updated XLC is available in both single and double layer models with your choice of suspension. As of today we offer it with our popular webbing/buckle suspension, our weight saving whoopie sling suspension or if you like, with nothing but continuous loops, so that you can easily install any aftermarket suspension of your choice.

Another small change we made was to trade the plastic toggle at the end of the top canopy for the convenience of a micro carabiner.

And just like before, it comes with a double-ended stuff sack, and to that we’ve added a red identifier cord at one end, making it easy to tell which end of the hammock you’re grabbing.

Like the first generation models, the new XLC has zipper running its full length on both sides of the hammock body, but the new configuration allows the hammock to be fully unzipped along it’s entire length. It also allows the user to enter or exit on whichever side of the hammock they prefer.

Just like the original model, the top portion can be fully removed and left at home when not needed.

Like the old model, the new XLC has a footbox for maximum legroom and a conveniently located storage shelf offering about 2 square feet of easily accessible, built-in interior storage space. It also comes in a standard-lay configuration, for a user to lay head left/feet right, but the updated zipper configuration on the new model allows the user to simply remove the top, flip it inside out, and re-configure the hammock as a reverse lay model, with the head right and feet left instead.

The newer zipper also allows the for the purchase of add-on accessories at a later date, this allows you to buy say, just the hammock and then you can purchase a top or other accessories in the future that will simply zip right on, allowing you to build and customize your hammock system as you go.

Like the older model, the new XLC has an available top cover. Top covers are popular in cooler weather and are used to trap a little extra heat and to cut the wind, and just like before it’s made out of breathable, wind and water resistant fabric. New updates to the top cover include a new lighter-weight fabric and 2 built in air vents, one in the peak at the foot end, and a second between the tieouts, which doubles as a window with a wide field of view. Like before the XLC is compatible with 2 of our underquilt models, the 2/3-length Yeti as well as our full-length Wooki. Either of these underquilts are a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their bottom insulation FROM a sleeping pad to something more comfortable.

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