UGQ Outdoor Equipment Quilt Price Drop

This has been a CRAZY year for down markets and we are seeing some of the lowest prices for down in our history. Since these down prices seem to be here to stay for a while we are passing those savings along to our customers with some INSANE pricing on ALL our quilts in ALL fill powers. Bandit, Zeppelin, Renegade, and Ambush all benefit from a price reduction.

These quilts all feature 10d inner shell option, 15d or 20d outer shell options, and 800/850/950 fill options. For a few dollars more, $10-$20, you can even add a 10d outer to reduce your quilt weights.

Here are some examples of what’s available, these prices are on new purchases as of this post based on current down prices:

20*F(-6*C) BANDIT QUILT, 50X72, 12.8OZ 800 Fill, 10D Inner, 20D Outer, 20.16oz Finished Wt., $164.95 For an additional $10 you can add a 10d outer and drop down to 18.80oz finished. The 55W version is only an additional $5 since the only actual cost is a bit of additional down.

0*F(-12*C) BANDIT QUILT, 50X72, 15.15oz 850 fill, 10d Inner, 20d Outer, 22.78oz Finished Wt., $249.95 WHAT!!!! that’s unheard of for a 0*F 850 fill quilt, just a few months ago a 20*F 850 filled quilt would have cost you $250.

20*F(-6*C) ZEPPELIN UQ, 44×77, 12.34oz 950 fill, 10d Inner, 10d Outer (+$10), 21.55 Finished Wt. $264.95, an absolutely unbelievable price for 950 fill.

These lower down prices are across the board on all fill powers, be sure to do your homework when comparing vendors. We’re not sure how long these prices will remain and we’re sure they will go up at some point but if you are shopping, or even if you’re not, it is a GREAT time to buy…


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