Tree straps are not all the same. Whats good for beginners.

Kelvar strap break

So since the start of my Hammock adventures I have tried a couple tree straps now. I have tried out the best Dutchware bling with Kevlar straps and Dutch clip and now a simple black polyester strap and titanium spikes. Here is my experience using both Kevlar straps with a Dutch clip and black polyester straps with titanium spikes.

I liked how light Kevlar straps are don’t get me wrong. But I noticed it bunches up really easy and if you are running a long distance from tree to tree you are really putting a lot of stress on these straps, even by going higher up these straps seem to tighten down around the buckle attachment. The amount of force at the edge corner of the buckle is extreme and with a sharp edge from the die cut its an easy spot for wear and tear. If your a new hammock camper I feel Kevlar straps and a Dutch clip is way to easy to fail by not using it correctly.

Black polyester straps with titanium spikes. Yes I could have used a tree branch but I just like how cool these looked and well I am not a gram counter. The Marlin spike hitch is so easy to perform and with these straps any beginner now can have a bit more flexibility on setups. Simply wrap the strap around the tree, thread the non loop end through the loop and tighten. Begin to create the Marlin Spike Hitch loop and set your titanium spike. Now attach your line and be sure to rest your line on top of the knot and not your spike. I really like this as I can create the hitch high or low on the strap. This allows me to adjust a little bit more for the perfect 30 degree hang. What also turned me onto this was there is not sharp edges to cut or wear the strap. A little bit more reliability for new hangers is a must.

Will I ever use the Kevlar straps and Dutch clip again? Yes. This is a great way to save a little bit of weight for those long milage days. Also, it takes time to learn to hang perfectly. Trail and error so to speak. Polyester tree straps will allow for a bit more error but once you begin to learn your hardware you can grow from it. Sure it might be nice to have the hottest new item but its not always the best for new hangers. Keep that in mind when starting off in hammock camping.

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