It pays to visit Hammock Forums daily. Great deals can be found..

I have found Hammock Forums to be a great place to stop daily and check whats for sale. I never know what item I can add to my gear for my family at an amazing deal. Well Sean did such a thing and found a great Dream Hammock Sparrow for sale and snapped it up for his wife. Deb who goes by the username dkurfiss on Hammock Forums takes huge pride in keeps posts clean, updated, and moved when sold. This is a huge asset in keeping this area clean from clutter and allows people to buy and sell with ease.

This is a 10 Foot Dream Hammock Sparrow. Custom print from Ripstop By The Roll. 1.6 HyperD Fabric inside. The bottom is a 1.6 HyperD Deep Purple outside. The over cover is also RBTR custom print. Under quilt hooks and tie out hooks added. Don’t forget zipper top pocket and peak shelf. Even finishing this off with zipper hoods with RBTR custom hoods.

Dream Hammock has been coming out with some really great custom work for their clients. Randy and Deanna work endlessly for their clients on what fabric can be used how it might feel and stretch. Customers have found great patterns and combinations some in which I have read Randy not so sure about a combination but it works out great in the end. You can find both Randy and Deanna very active on the forums and Facebook helping fellow hammock owners.

Rip Stop By The Roll specializes in selling fabric to Do-It-Yourself customers. RBTR has been growing very quickly in becoming the one stop shop for cutting-edge digital printing and laser cut capabilities. In fact RBTR has great starter packages for learning to make your own gear. This includes videos on Youtube in which walks you through each step in sowing your own gear. RBTR has many different customer projects listed on their website to help get you started in making your next piece of gear for your trip.

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