Owyhee Snap Retrofit – Arrowhead Equipment

After a bit of feed back from Owyhee Top Quilt owners we have decided to begin adding snaps to the Omni Tape foot box edges on the Owyhee. Several folks have asked for this in the past and we decided to get the equipment set up in the shop to begin adding snaps to all future production Owyhees.

But looking to help out anyone that has wanted the snap feature added to their Owyhee we came up with the Retrofit.


For the cost of shipping each way we will add snaps to any Owyhee ever produced. To the best of our ability (within the range of snaps that are available) we will color match the snaps with the color of the quilt. Snap Retrofit’s like most of our gear will ship out within 1-2 days of us receiving your quilt back to the shop. 3 pair of snaps will be evenly spaced along the length of the foot box omni tape to help securely hold the foot box closed.

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