Overpacking Food. Why do I bring so much?

So many trips, so much food

After multiple backpacking trips I have found myself coming home with extra food. We are not just talking about small snacks. I am speaking about full meals. Many of times I am packing up for my trip and grabbing the food off my shelves in the office and I always pack an extra meal. Why am I so afraid of being hungry out in the middle of no where? In fact each time I have come back from a trip I have had at least two meals I haven’t touched yet. Many times its lunch is being skipped either due to being on the move or really not hungry. In fact in the evening for dinners I have found myself not wanting to finish the meal I have. And we are talking about quality meals here. Texas State Fair Chili, Market Pasta Puttanesca, and Austintacious Torilla Soup from Packet Gourmet just to name a few.

With this being said I have found I am not the only one eating less. A few of my friends I have gone on trips either pack less or eat less. Appetite isn’t there until morning. Is this your body under constant workout stress and not ready to replenish its calories?

So what I have begun to do is share meals with my hiking partner. Pack less for my trips of course. I found finger snacks work well enough during your day hiking. Eat dinner early. The worst thing I have found is setting up camp late and finally making dinner, eating it, and your so tired you go directly to your hammock. Your body hasn’t had time to process this food and your stomach may be upset in the middle of the night. Or for us heart burn sufferers. Acid reflux in the middle of the evening. I enjoy stopping for a quick dinner right before camping. Doing this has proven to help with my digestive needs before going to bed.

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