MSR Quick Skillet review

My new breakfast luxury item

Just this past weekend I was able to get a couple days out and enjoy the start of fall here in the Midwest. Before leaving I checked my meals for the weekend and noticed I had two wonderful Packit Gourmet Diner Deluxe Scrambled Eggs. Now normally I have been cooking these meals with the boiling bag which in turn makes them a tad bit watery. I decided to pickup a MSR Quick Skillet to cook my eggs with.

Cooking my meal

Using my new skillet along with the MSR Pocket Rocket I made sure to coat the entire pan with the provided Olive oil. I then pored the mixture into the pan. I did not have a very high flame but it started to cook immediately. I then used my long spork to continue to mix the meal throughout.

Final Thoughts

While the eggs cooked just fine as long as I kept moving the eggs around I noticed at clean up little swirl marks in the pan. Very light swirl marks in fact. I assume this is from the titanium spork lightly scraping the coating. I would say using a hardened plastic spork would be a better option to prevent any scratches on your skillet. I myself will be using a plastic spoon. Hot spots will happen on this skillet so you will need to continue to move the eggs around. Cooking something like sausage and you will need to rotate the pan around the heat unless of course its over a fire.

This is a very nice skillet to have as a luxury item. I will be happy to bring it along on my short mileage trips as the weight is very little at 5.9oz.

MSR Quick Skillet

MSR Quick Skillet







Ease of Set-Up



  • Handle collapses
  • Lightweight
  • Dissipates heat ok
  • Easy to clean


  • Handle can pop off
  • coating does scratch
  • Does'nt pack well

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