Introducing Venom UHMWPE Black Webbing

We searched for the better part of this year to find a webbing that was stronger, tougher, AND lighter than everything else. When we couldn’t find it, we made it.

Today we are proud to introduce Venom™ UHMWPE webbing…

Designed, woven, and produced from scratch by us, Venom™ webbing uses one of the world’s strongest fibers (UHMWPE) to yield a webbing that’s super lightcrazy strong, and more abrasion resistant than common nylon and polyester webbing.

In short, Venom™ is very similar to branded Dyneema in performance, but without the crazy markup and long production lead times. In the end, this means lower prices and more innovative products brought to you quicker. We think that’s a win 

We also listened to your overwhelming feedback and did something really wild and crazy – we made Venom™ webbing in BLACK . On top of that, Venom™ is dope dyed so the yarn itself is black, meaning it won’t come off on your hands like “Black” Amsteel.

And the numbers don’t lie. We tested our 3/4″ Venom™ webbing to an average break strength of over 2700 lbs. To put that in perspective, our 1″ polyester webbing has a break strength of just over 1500 lbs at around 3.5x the weight!

If you want webbing that’s lighter, tougher, and stronger, this is it. Period. 

We’re starting this line in 3/8″ and 3/4″ varieties aimed at ultralight pack webbing, but we will be doing a 1″ version specifically for hammock suspension very soon. We’ve also played around with using the 3/4″ in a becket hitch config from a tree hugger. We’ll release those results later in the week.

We’re selling this in 5 ft sections, but we’ll make it continuous if you need it up to 100 ft. Just leave a note on the order.

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