Hammockgear’s design change to the Burrow

No more Beastee D-Rings?

Thats right Hammock Gear has announced they will no longer be installing the Beastee D-Rings on their Burrow and Econ Burrow quilts. Hammock Gear is reporting this will help keep production costs down and conserve weight. Hammock Gear mentions customers have been requesting to not have these installed on their quilts hence the design change. There will still be grosgrain loops for attaching to a pad, should you need to.

Some customers are not happy.

A few customers are unhappy with this change specially when using a pad. Customers have been very happy to use this feature and mentions this is what sets Hammock Gear apart from the rest.

Feedback is not over.

Customers continue to post up concerns and or criticism in this change while Hammock Gear will talk all feedback that provided and will let its customers of any further changes.

Hammock Gear Feedback

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