Great weekend weather ahead!

Looks to be some great weekend weather ahead for most locations.

As you may or may not have noticed I added a feature of weather conditions for the incoming weekend. Information is taken from Weather Underground and then updated on our website daily. Colors resemble if rain will be present on the trip. Anything over 60% chance of rain will be marked Red. 30% is Yellow and of course green for no rain in the forecast.

Weather is taken from the closest cities.

Though we do our best to grab data from the wonderful hiking trails we can only provide information from cities that is closest to the park. Temperature can be different in higher elevations. We are mainly focused on rain conditions. This will hopefully allow you to make decisions on places you would like to adventure this coming weekend. Remember its your responsibility to pack for all conditions on your trip.

Updates are ever morning Monday-Friday.

Updates are provided every weekday. As weather changes so does our alerts. Check back daily to receive the latest forecast. Click the link to read more information provided by Weather Underground. If you would like an area added please leave us Feedback on our Contact Page.

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