Fall is slowly making its way in.. “hammockers” are getting restless

Two new hammocks released but mixed reviews?

Warbonnet released information about their updated Blackbird XLC and it seemed many people like the added changes. Replaced toggles with a carabiner, a new zipper design, and a lighter vented top cover. Many Warbonnet owners like the new changes are have even commented how it might be nice to upgrade. Some however have commented that these features already seem to be on par with Dutch’s Chameleon Hammock.

Dutchware announces the Swift Hammock but comes with a lot of trivial comments. But other comments that caught attention was the fact its a head left, foot right lay only. Dutchware will work with customers directly but may not have stock on a head right, foot left lay. But then another comment taking steam is the name. “The Swift” hammock was already used by littleshopofhammocks.com. Thomas Ressler “Dutch” has already reached out to James from Little Shop of Hammocks about the name and is willing to change the name if he likes. At this time Littleshopofhammocks.com does not have the swift Hammock Listed.

Hammocks can be closely alike.

With new hammocks there is bound to be a crossover in like items. Customers will purchased hammocks from their favorite manufacturers no matter how closely they resemble someone else’s product. Upgrades to existing products will allow this growing industry to become more and more innovative.

“Hammockers” need to get out and camp!

As a hammock owner myself, people need to remember that products will sometimes be closely alike. Its our job as consumers to report back on our success or pitfalls along the way. We have found many new hammock owners coming from poor performing Amazon products and hammock owners mentioning a bunch of different makers. Lets stop focusing on how close these hammocks resemble and focus on who makes a better product. Meanwhile get out and enjoy this fall weather. Its time to camp!

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