Dutchware’s Chameleon Hammock. Not an original idea.

Unless you are new to Hammock’s I am sure you have heard about Dutchware’s new Chameleon. This four season Hammock has been posted all over the internet. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, just to name a few. So why post about it here? Well its not an original idea.

First let me say this. I love Dutchware. Dutch has some of the best customer service I have ever dealt with even after my lacking knowledge failed on one of his tree straps. He kindly replaced the tree strap free of charge. Dutchware has many products in stock. When you purchase a hammock from Dutchware its pre-made and you will have it in a couple days. A great way to grab something before a last minute trip that’s for sure. However, Dutchware is growing so quickly I am starting to look at it as a retailer than a cottage vendor. One of the best retailers around though.

So enough about Dutchware as far as a business. Lets talk about the new Chameleon. This four season hammock full build out comes with net, and a top cover. Venting in the top cover helps reduce moisture in the winters and has no dedicated head or foot. This setup is the same setup as Dream-Hammocks Sparrow. Only two minor differences between the two. A patent pending zipper and a larger mesh window on the top cover. I wouldn’t say this is innovative at all as Dream-Hammock has had the Sparrow out for some time and a great sellers on their website.

Lets keep a few things in mind. Dutchware has introduced a few new products with this hammock. Beetle Buckle Hardware, and Spreader Bar Pole. These two new items are wonderful for people looking to hang two hammocks from the same two tree’s. A great new product for couples and or parents with kids.

Its great that Dutch has introduced his version of the four season hammock community as he continues to stock products which allows for more people to have quality products on their trips. In fact with this kickstarter compaign you can get a great deal on a “turn key” hammock for $250. Retail $270. This system will come with Chameleon Hammock, Detachable Bugnet, Detachable Top Cover, Beetle Buckle Hardware (Pair), 15ft Dyneema/Poly Straps (Pair), Amsteel continuous loops (Pair), Dutchware Carabiners (Pair). This hammock system is all you need to get started in hammock camping without insulation of course. A great price for any beginner that will handle all four seasons.

On our Dream-Hammock side of things price will be quite a bit more $290+ . Of course this has many different customization options and is still produced per order. Expect 4-6 weeks for delivery. Dream Hammock makes a great product and I still consider them a cottage vendor. Building quality hammocks per order.

I myself own both a Dutchware hammock and Dream-Hammock. Yes they are not Chameleon or a Sparrow but the workmanship is still there. High quality on both sides. So which one would I choose? Well at this time of writing lead times are longer “April 2017” for a Chameleon,  compared to (4 weeks) custom made Sparrow. Price of course is a factor as you can be paying up to $40+ for the same layout between the two.  Its really coming down to purchasing different hardware for your hammock, you can save some money if you like the Dyneema Tree straps , Beetle Buckle, and carabiners by purchasing a Chameleon but if you like to customize the Sparrow is for you.

Two great products. Two great business’s.

Dutchware’s Chameleon Hammock Kickstarter – Get in on this kickstarter

Dream Hammocks Sparrow – Custom order your Sparrow

One thought on “Dutchware’s Chameleon Hammock. Not an original idea.

  • March 6, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    Being a Sparrow owner I thought I would point out one defining factor missing from your comparison. I have a right lay Sparrow, and after reading the kick starter the Chameleon has one very appealing feature over my beloved hammock. That is the choose your direction, or its ability to adapts to either a Left or Right lay. Its worth noting for very picky sleepers like myself.

    Just my two cents.

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