Dutchware Announces the Swift Hammock

The Swift Hammock is a 11 foot netted hammock

The Swift Hammock is a very simple netted hammock and the bugnet which is sewn to the side can be rolled up to the side. To undo the bugnet there is toggles on the side which just need to be undone and the bugnet can then be flipped over the ridgeline and zippered on the other side. The tie outs are removable and adjustable. Dutchware has added D-Rings and Pack hooks to add accessories such at a storage pocket or peak loft. Packhooks will help with

your quilts. Has a directional lay of Head left and feet right.

This kit will come with Hammock, structural ridgeline, continuous loops, and tieouts.

To Purchase Visit DutchwareGear.com today!

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