Distance between tree’s. How far is too far and what can happen to hardware

So I received my brand new Dream Hammock Saturday and love it. The work is fantastic and really looking forward to a couple planned trips this year. With that being said I have two tree’s behind my house that are a pretty decent span apart, 25 feet. I have wonderful lightweight dutch clips with kevlar straps, and with woopie slings to continuous loops. Well I was only able to get the straps about 78 inches high. This means I was only about a 20 degree angle. That’s over 400 lbs of shear force on the straps. With that being said the dutch clip cut right through the kevlar strap and I ended up on my butt.

I emailed Dutchwear and Dutch was a huge help in letting me know what I did wrong. He also offered to replace the strap for me. Very generous I must say specially since this is my fault. He also made sure that I know to hook the clip correctly. Straight off the tree and not to the side of the tree. Make sure the strap is tight.

Thanks to feedback from members on the HammockForums.net website I was turned onto Hammock Hang Calculator which was a huge help. Use it to help determined the height of your straps to get the 30 degree angle needed. http://theultimatehang.com/hammock-hang-calculator/

Also make sure you use the dutch clip correctly. The clip should be in front of the tree and strap goes through the hook. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRhGemerI28

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